ECM Motors Replacement

An ECM Motor

Managing HVAC Air Flow

ECM (electronically commutated motor) motors, or variable speed motors, are one of the latest advancements in HVAC technology. They are often installed on newer heating and cooling systems to improve energy efficiency. They lower the system’s electricity consumption by regulating air flow. The engine varies speed to manage the air flow, rather than staying at one consistent rate. When you install a new HVAC system with an ECM motor you’ll find that your system will run more efficiently and you’ll save money on energy expenses. If you have a unit with a ECM motor that seems to be running less efficiently than normal, it might be time to repair or replace the motor. Air Flow Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning’s technicians are trained in all the latest technology, and we can diagnose any problems in your system. If you need ECM motors replacement in Red Bluff, CA, all you need to do is call 530-999-0551.

Holiday service call when every other A/C company would not answer their phone. We got the system up and running!
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